Datastrip reader completes TSA evaluation for TWIC program

Datastrip's DSV2+TURBO handheld biometric reader operating with Codebench's TWICCheck software successfully completed all of the Transportation Security Administration's Initial Capability Evaluation scenarios for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential pilot program. The confirmation means that port operators and security integrators can employ this equipment as the basis for a TWIC-compliant solution for identity verification as published on the Initial Capability Evaluation (ICE) list.

The certification is the second big win for the Datastrip reader in less than a month. Datastrip's DSV2+TURBO reader was selected by the U.S. Coast Guard for TWIC identity verification. The award is part of an estimated $2.3 million contract with integrator SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation). Datastrip will provide up to 300 TWICCheck-equipped terminals under this agreement.

Datastrip and Codebench have teamed to maximize the value of the new security-rich credentials and enable their use in existing security infrastructures. In addition to reading the TWIC card, this solution can tie the TWIC card directly into any physical access control system (PACS). Also, when equipped with Codebench's PIVCheck software, the unit provides the same flexibility and PACS connectivity to government operations working with PIV credentials.

"The solution goes well beyond the initial requirements of the ICE testing. It extends the value of the TWIC credential into any existing PACS infrastructure. This means ports, government entities and operators can tie TWIC cards, as well as PIV and next-generation CAC credentials, to their existing PACS system," said Joe Delaney, Datastrip's vice president of sales and marketing.