IndigoVision cams monitor LNG plant, gas pipeline in eastern Russia

IndigoVision’s complete integrated IP Video security solution is being used to monitor a LNG plant and 500 mile gas pipeline as part of the Sakhalin-2 project in Eastern Russia. The company believes the 600+ camera system is the world’s largest wide-area CCTV project and demonstrates that IndigoVision’s technology is being deployed in the most demanding surveillance applications. The success of this project also coincides with IndigoVision’s continued expansion in Europe, with the company now having a strong local presence from Brussels to Siberia.

As part of their expansion plans IndigoVision’s European sales and support team has grown over the last year to 23 people. The company uses a network of approved partners to install their systems and has developed relationships with a number of important new European system integrators, such as G4S. The French market has also been a key focus for the company, culminating in a number of significant projects, such as the large IKEA store in Grenoble.

"The Sakhalin-2 project is not only a vote of confidence in our technology, but also in the European team that’s been behind it," said Oliver Vellacott, IndigoVision’s CEO. "In order to build on the success of this project and maintain the company’s growth we will continue to invest and support our European Partners."

European customers have chosen IndigoVision knowing that the company’s IP-CCTV systems have been field proven over many years and are fully supported by excellent integrators and first-rate technical support from a manufacturer that develops and owns the entire solution – from camera to video management software. This is demonstrated by the long-standing project at Brussels Airport. In 2001 Brussels International Airport was a pioneer of IP Video when it installed what was then the largest networked video CCTV system in Europe. Based on IndigoVision’s technology the 700+ camera system was installed using their existing LAN and interfaced to the Airport Management System. Seven years on Brussels Airport is benefiting from their early decision to deploy IP Video by being able to simply upgrade their system with the latest MPEG-4 product.