Videolarm unveils latest product innovations

Decatur, Ga. – October 7, 2008 – ASIS 2008 served as center stage for Videolarm’s preview of its latest housing, maintenance and IR innovations designed to safeguard equipment, simplify servicing, enhance safety, and improve nighttime surveillance. “These latest products continue in our tradition and mission of developing the progressive technologies to that make surveillance and maintaining surveillance equipment more efficient and cost effective,” said Ray Pagano, Videolarm president.

These latest surveillance technologies include:

Air-Conditioned Housing

For hot, humid climates or for installations requiring equipment protection from high-heat extremes, Videolarm developed the patent-pending Igloo Dome air-conditioned dome housing. Designed to protect cameras to temperatures reaching 75 degrees C/167 degrees F, the housings are liquid cooled and feature vandal-resistant construction.

Customizable Vandal-Resistant Surveillance System

When it comes to monitoring your facility, the punishing indoor and outdoor environment of corrections facilities are no match for Videolarm’s cameras and housings, including the new durable, vandal resistant Deputy 2 Surveillance System. The Deputy 2 is constructed out of a rugged outdoor vandal-resistant NEMA enclosure and can easily be built around Videolarm cameras, or your own. The Deputy 2 also includes several expandable components to better enhance your specific application needs.

Maintenance at 85 Feet

To help ease maintenance and promote safety and cost savings, the patent pending PA40 Lowering Arm enables cameras installed at heights up to 85 feet to be serviced without lift trucks. The Lowering Arm is capable of lowering and raising most camera system enclosures with a self-encases motorized system. The system is factory-wired and incorporates an augmented cabling system which prevents long cable runs and wire entanglements. Constructed of an aluminum alloy body and stainless steel junction box, the rugged Lowering Arm is designed to stand up to years of use.

Night Surveillance

Advanced nighttime and low-light surveillance is now possible with the NiteTrac Intelligent Infrared Light & PTZ Camera System. The intelligent system, powered by LED technology with an 850 nanometer beam (nm), automatically adjusts based on camera zoom lens movement and illuminates distances up to 660 feet/201 meters. The quick turret-based PTZ camera system offers 64 presets (2 auto tours) and 360-degree rotation. The IR300-180 provides superior nighttime and low-light video surveillance, illuminating distances up to 400ft (122m) and 180° coverage. The compact design can be mounted directly to surfaces and/or poles and has a remarkable adjustable beam angle up to 180°. Additional IR units may be added for full 360° coverage.

Also new is the WL300-180 white light LED kit. Utilizing advances LED technology, the WL300-180 illuminates distances up to 112ft (34m), and features multiple angles of 10° to 180°. General availability for the newly introduced products is scheduled for late 2008 - early 2009.