Zurich Airport extends license with Visual Defence VMS

RICHMOND HILL, Canada, October 6/PRNewswire/ -- Visual Defence, has announced that Unique (Flughafen Zurich AG) has extended the current license of their Visual Defence VMS (Virtual Matrix System) to the full 3C solution. The move to 3C will allow Unique (Flughafen Zurich AG), the operator of Zurich Airport, to connect and fully manage their intelligent video application, public announcement system and security control lines from a single command and control point.

Unique (Flughafen Zurich AG) will benefit tremendously from a simplified management process that will deliver an overall improvement in asset management and physical security safety functions. 3C's central management and control engine will serve as an administrator to all devices on the network and facilitate the connection of multiple security subsystems currently in place at the airport including several hundred analog and digital cameras, client systems and Ascom's "SmartVision" analytics system.

"The level of trust the management of Zurich Airport places in Visual Defence's 3C solution is rewarding", says Barry Tal, CEO, Visual Defence. "As a trusted partner we work hard to ensure that Zurich Airport is world class in the level of security it offers its passengers."

Unique (Flughafen Zurich AG) and Visual Defence have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship since the implementation of the VMS in 2004. Today, Visual Defence remains focused on building long-term relationships with clients while expanding their affiliation with key business partners.