NUUO releases NVRmini

NUUO has announced the release of the new NVRmini (NVR Standalone), a small, Linux embedded surveillance network recorder. Through the Internet, users are able to watch the recorded surveillance video anywhere in the world. In the coming years, through NVRmini’s strong functions, the IP surveillance solution will be widely applied in diverse vertical markets such as small to mid-size companies, buildings, supermarkets, personal offices, and even private properties.

The NVRmini also offers easy installation with “plug-in” and “start-up,” two steps which absolutely help to simplify an inside knowledge to span into security applications. Compared with a PC-based NVR, the browser-based NVRmini will be a time-saving tool and free from virus attack. A Linux embedded system creates the most stable working environment for this small machine.

An open platform of 8 IP camera brands will be included in this project, such as ACTi, Arecont,Mobotix and Lumenera. In the mean time, the NVRmini provides a crystal clear view of D1 real time recording and displaying.

This unique and mini scale NVR Standalone supports 2/4 hard disks, and 4/8 IP cameras, as well as RAID level 0, 1,1+0. With RAID technology, the NVRmini increases the data transfer rate and ensures continuous system operation in the event of a disk drive failure.

With all these principles concerned, NVRmini reaches a higher level of surveillance product.