SimplexGrinnell debuts new fire alarm control panel

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (June 7, 2010) - SimplexGrinnell, a Tyco International company, is introducing an impressive array of new technologies at the 2010 NFPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, including the Simplex 4100ES Fire Alarm Control Panel - a next-generation life-safety platform that provides more processing power, improved networkability and added serviceability features.

In addition to the Simplex 4100ES panel, the company is announcing technology advancements that:

- Bring remote service capabilities to advanced Simplex fire alarm panels
- Strengthen the Simplex TrueSite graphical information management system with the ability to provide monitoring and control from remote locations
- Offer new air sampling detection solutions for restricted and hard-to-service areas such as HVAC ducts, correctional facilities and cable tunnels
- Expand the Simplex TrueAlert non-addressable product line to include weatherproof and high-candela audio-visual devices

"SimplexGrinnell is excited to use this year's NFPA Expo as the venue to introduce new technologies and product enhancements that strengthen our life-safety solutions capabilities and advance the company's long-standing commitment to leadership and innovation," said John Haynes, Director of Fire Alarm Marketing. "With these advancements, SimplexGrinnell is very well positioned to meet our customers' evolving challenges in life safety and property protection - today and in the future."

Here is a closer look at the technology advancements being showcased at the SimplexGrinnell booth (#1426):

Simplex 4100ES Life-Safety Platform

SimplexGrinnell is taking its integrated life-safety technology capabilities to another level with the introduction of the Simplex 4100ES - an Internet-ready, next-generation Simplex fire detection and alarm platform. With added processing power, improved networkability and exciting new serviceability features, the Simplex 4100ES advances the ability to deliver scalable, cost-effective life-safety solutions. The new platform provides Ethernet connectivity, so critical in today's networked world, and supports remote fire alarm panel diagnostics. Keeping with SimplexGrinnell's commitment to support customers for the life of their systems, the Simplex 4100ES has been developed with forward/backward compatible technology. This means existing Simplex 4100 fire alarm customers have an easy upgrade path to the newer technology - without having to replace their existing system. In addition, the Simplex 4100ES panel has been given a newer, more modern look that reflects the evolution in this flagship product.

TrueInsightSM Remote Service

SimplexGrinnell is introducing TrueInsight Remote Service - an industry-changing technology that takes the company's ability to service and support advanced Simplex fire alarm systems to a new level of response and efficiency. TrueInsight Remote Service is an Internet-based diagnostic capability that gives SimplexGrinnell a real-time, actionable view of the operating status of advanced Simplex systems. When a trouble or warning 2 condition is detected, the technology can automatically notify the SimplexGrinnell Service Resource Center. SimplexGrinnell can then work to identify and isolate the issue - sometimes before a customer even knows that a problem exists.

Simplex TrueSite Workstation - Client/Server Capability

With new client/server enhancements for the Simplex TrueSite Workstation, SimplexGrinnell is better able to meet customer requirements for scalable, high-end information management solutions. The Simplex TrueSite Workstation is an advanced graphical life-safety information management system developed specifically for medium or large fire alarm networks in commercial facilities, hospitals, colleges, hotels and airports and other demanding locations. The TrueSite platform enables multiple panels and buildings to be monitored and controlled from a single location. The client/server capability means SimplexGrinnell can provide a much easier and more cost-effective deployment for customers requiring multiple workstations. The remote client TrueSite workstations can perform all the operator functions of a primary workstation - or be used for annunciation only.

Simplex XAD Detector

The new Simplex XAD detector is an excellent solution for challenging duct detector applications, as well as restricted areas that need open-area smoke detection. The system utilizes Simplex TrueAlarm sensing technology, together with a high-performance aspirator and configurable flow monitoring circuitry. The Simplex XAD detector can actively draw air from a difficult-to-reach HVAC duct up to 75 feet away, allowing easy access for service. As the service for the Simplex XAD detector can be performed from floor level, it is well suited for the following kinds of applications: where duct detectors are difficult to maintain and service; where an aerial lift device must be used to service duct detectors; and where unobtrusive smoke detection is required.

Simplex TrueAlert Notification Appliance Enhancements

SimplexGrinnell has strengthened and expanded its Simplex TrueAlert non-addressable notification appliance product line to include weatherproof and high-candela audio-visual devices. The latest enhancements also include: chimes; chime/strobes; multi-tone horns; multi-tone horn/strobes; mini-horns; and appliance cosmetic adapter plates. With these enhancements, visual appliance intensity settings can be conveniently selected through the onboard jumper, thereby helping to minimize inventory requirements and providing job-site installation flexibility. The new technologies also provide SmartSync-compatible operation to mitigate strobe synchronization concerns and avoid the need for extra synchronization modules.