QNAP introduces network video surveillance kit

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--QNAP Systems, Inc., the leading IP surveillance solution provider today announced the NVR-1012 network surveillance kit for home and office. The NVR-101 is an instant surveillance system providing professional grade live video recording and real-time remote monitoring/playback service. The complete system is built-on the Linux OS for its proven superb performance yet power-saving feature. In order to bring users more convenience and extra benefits in setting up a network surveillance system, QNAP has considerately selected two value-plus IP cameras for the NVR-1012 kit. The kit can be set up instantly in a few simple steps. All the system configuration and recording/monitoring functions of the NVR are carried out through Internet Explorer and absolutely no complicated software installation is ever required.

Besides the built-in Ethernet connection the cameras also provide a great alternative for home users to connect wirelessly. The state-of-the-art 2-way communication system supports synchronized video and audio monitoring and recording. Users can speak directly for the instant conversation or even use the camera to perform voice-broadcast. The real-time remote monitoring service that is viewable on IE browser can now even stream the live video to any 3GPP-enabled handset.

According to Mr. Peace Kuo, Senior Product Manager from QNAP, "The NVR-1012 kit is an ideal solution to provide day & night protection to your home and office. The unique infrared designed on the camera included in the kit is enabled automatically during the night time to ensure continuous recording and monitoring. We also provided motion detection feature that if a moving object is detected, direct recording is triggered, and an alert email is sent to notify the users. Moreover, precious timestamp is embedded on every single recording for easy video navigation and playback, and even an evidence for police investigation. Such powerful and high-end surveillance combination is rarely available from other surveillance providers. QNAP has taken a major step forward in the home use surveillance market."

For further information about setting up the NVR-1012 network surveillance system, please www.qnap.com/pro_detail_application.asp?p_id=95 refer to the application notes on QNAP website