Videotec releases the ULISSE IP outdoor PTZ camera

Videotec is proud to announce the release of ULISSE IP, the first PTZ unit for video surveillance with full integration in a network system. This positioning unit includes a built-in video compression module, to allow the IP control of all the PTZ functions. Video and telemetry analog signals are converted and sent through Ethernet cable for an easy control through a PC dedicated software.

The system offers the highest video compression rate via MPEG-4 technology for live like images and faster on-line streaming. The max frame rate is 30fps with max picture resolution Full D1. The recording is made directly on the PC hard disk. It is possible to connect a joy-stick to PC peripheral port for the PTZ control. Easy configuration with dedicated software.

This integrated unit meets the advantage of an IP controlled system with the high performance and the perfect positioning needed for a surveillance application.

ULISSE IP has been specifically created for applications of video surveillance in external environments, such as: coast and border patrol, harbour control, urban settings, highway and traffic monitoring, stadiums, industries, prisons or military applications, and perimeter surveillance.

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