Premier Electronics launches ultra-compact unit for plate recognition

The new Autofocus NPP has been designed to allow number plate recognition to be added to any access control system. The unit is an ultra compact and will monitor a single lane and is capable of analyzing video streams from roadside cameras and extracting the number plates in real time.

Autofocus NNP takes any quality camera feed and will extract the number plate data in real time. It has an exceptional wide-angle tolerance and will function in any lighting or weather conditions. This is a real industrial solution, ultra compact, no moving parts and an aluminum casing. Any number of these systems can be deployed in parallel allowing easy system growth as required. Exportation of the number plate data is via RS232 or TCP-IP, which gives the possibility of international, tracking of vehicles. The SDK allows interfacing with any database or external operating interface. The unit will read of number plates from the front, from the rear, or both and is supplied with a free choice of countries from the integrated EU. The unit measures just 90x70x27 mm and requires a 3, 3 V - 1A power supply.

With Autofocus NPP, industrial players of the Security market can easily integrate number plate recognition technology into their own products for car park access control, control of urban roads and motorways, calculation of average speed and of journey time, etc.