Pelco by Schneider Electric

Pelco introduces Endura Gateway and Endura Transcoder

Clovis, CA (September 30, 2008) – Pelco is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Endura Gateway and the Endura Transcoder– two important new steps in the progression of Endura technology. These additions to the Endura IP Video System provide significant benefits for users seeking to make Endura video streams available via a web browser and via non-Endura networks.

The Endura Gateway provides an interface enabling Web-client connectivity to an Endura IP video system. With the Endura Gateway, users can now view, playback and manage their Endura IP video system through a web client and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Each Endura Gateway can manage up to 30 simultaneous video streams over local and wide area network connections.

Working in conjunction with the Endura Gateway, the Endura Transcoder converts MPEG-4 video from an Endura system into MPEG-4 or JPEG formats that are suitable for limited-bandwidth, non-Endura networks. The Gateway detects available connection bandwidth and, as necessary, invokes the Transcoder to "re-size" the video stream appropriate for the available bandwidth of each connection.

For applications that require the flexibility of Web client access or the ability to view Endura video over limited-bandwidth connections, the Endura Gateway and Transcoder offer the ideal solution. And to meet the needs of its global customers, the Endura Gateway offers support for 23 languages.