Cogent Systems releases new biometric identification system

PASADENA, Calif., Sep 23, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Cogent Systems (NASDAQ:COGT) today announced the release of the Fusion, a fully ruggedized, multi-modal, handheld biometric system. Designed and built by Cogent from the ground up with input from the Department of Defense's Special Operations community, the Fusion device assists military and law enforcement personnel in austere environments around the world.

The Cogent Fusion handheld device provides a lightweight, wireless, multi-modal biometric collection and identification solution. Built to military MIL-STD-810 and Ingress Protection standards to handle stringent conditions, the Fusion has been rigorously tested by the Army's Biometric Task Force (BTF) and is the only handheld collection and matching system available today that has been certified by the BTF as 100 percent EBTS and EFTS compliant. The Fusion is equipped with full multi-modal capability -- with a 500 dpi FBI certified fingerprint sensor, high resolution camera for facial portrait capture, and high resolution infrared camera for iris and fingerprint latent capture. The Fusion can capture and store tens of thousands of records consisting of forensic-quality fingerprints, latent fingerprints, iris images, photos, and textual data for on-board watchlist searching.

Weighing 1.2 pounds, the Fusion is equipped with a 3.5 inch color display and fits in the cargo pocket of standard tactical trousers. Entry by operators is quick and simple with a user-friendly GUI, multiple drop-down menus, and expanded QWERTY keyboard. Versatile with its built-in wireless connectivity, the Fusion can wirelessly transfer secure data via 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, GSM, or GPRS.

Critical features of the Fusion include:

"We believe that there is no product on the market today that compares to the capabilities of the Fusion, and we are pleased to have worked closely with the Special Operations community on this product," commented Mr. Ming Hsieh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cogent. "Small, rugged, waterproof, and capable of being taken to a variety of environments around the world, the Fusion changes the way biometrics can be collected in the field. Moving forward, we believe that there are multiple uses for this technology within the Department of Defense and, more broadly, in the law enforcement community."