Bold partners with Leeds City Council

Bold Communications are pleased to announce a new partnership with another Government-led operation, further reiterating their long-term success in this market.

Leeds City Council security services have chosen the Bold GSM Pager4 to replace their existing radio data signalling equipment which is due to be decommissioned later this year. The GSM Pager is a 4-input communications module which transmits signals over the mobile phone network. In the event of an alarm the module can call and/or send texts to up to four mobile phones. The Pager can also transmit Contact ID to an alarm receiver in an ARC, providing an inexpensive alternative to traditional central station products.

There are now quite a few GSM transmitters on the market, but it was the transmission of Contact ID alarm data and the Bold reputation that attracted Leeds to the Pager4. The device will be rolled out council-wide: used to transmit alarms from all Leeds City Council commercial properties, such as leisure centres and offices, to the Bold receiver in the council control room.

Martin Clark of Leeds City Council commented "We have had analogue radio transmitters in place for a number of years. While they served their purpose, technology has moved away from radio-based alarms to GSM signalling, which has a number of benefits. We knew of Bold as we have their receiver in our ARC, so we checked their website and found the Pager4, which was ideal for what we needed. There are a number of GSM units on the market, but this is the only one I could find that would signal alarm data as well as SMS."

Brian Kelly, MD at Bold said "Our Pager4 transmitter is maintaining its popularity for use in a number of applications, and we are delighted Leeds City Council have chosen to roll the Pager out city-wide."