Advanced Detection Technology introduces UVSS, license plate recognition

Firm to introduce license plate recognition, under-vehicle surveillance systems at Intersec Middle East

Maiden, NC - January 10, 2008 -- Advanced Detection Technology, the global leader in security and detection solutions such as the FastGate Access Control System, today announced that it will unveil several new products at Intersec Middle East - a global security and access control conference and exhibition.

"Our new FastPlate Mobile, FastPlate Handheld and SceneCam Mobile raise the bar for security system providers," explained Dale Hiatt, President of Advanced Detection Technology. "Through these announcements, we deliver on our commitment to become the premiere global provider of security and access control systems, providing products that are easy-to-use and robust -- increasing productivity while decreasing the total cost of security. We are honored to present these new products at Intersec Middle East, one of the most important security events of the year."

The four new security and access control solutions to be launched at the event include:

FastPlate Mobile Automated License Plate Recognition System, which captures and processes license plates on vehicles traveling up to 177 kilometers per hour (110 MPH) in up to 4 lanes of traffic. FastPlate Mobile automatically validates license plates and stores results, features mounted and handheld digital cameras, and also permits manual entry of vehicle information. FastPlate Mobile's dash mount accommodates ruggedized Tablet PC or Notebook computers and its cameras withstand harsh road conditions. With prices beginning at about $US 14,900, FastPlate Mobile features an easy-to-use touch screen optimized for in-vehicle use.

FastPlate Handheld Automated License Plate Recognition System captures and processes license plate information with an integrated handheld camera and computing device. Designed to automatically validate license plates and store results, FastPlate Handheld can scan driver's license magnetic stripe, capture images of driver and driver's license as well as the driver's signature. With prices beginning at $US 13,300, FastPlate features an easy-to-use touch screen that is optimized for portable use.

Enabling surveillance of the front, rear, left, right, or interior of any vehicle, Advanced Detection Technology's SceneCam Mobile Vehicle Video Surveillance System captures and stores up to four channels of images. Ideal for law enforcement and public transportation such as taxis and buses, SceneCam Mobile monitors and records security threats while moving or stationary and its four high-resolution digital cameras -- available in handheld or fixed configurations - link to Tablet PC or Notebook computers. SceneCam Mobile's handheld configuration is ideal for use in parking lots or car parks. Pricing for SceneCam Mobile begins at $US 9,100.

Modular and versatile, the new components of Advanced Detection Technology's FastGate Access Control Solutions are designed to provide security personnel with immediate information about visitors, contractors, and employees and as well as their vehicles and equipment. FastGate augments basic access control approaches with RFID card readers, biometric identification, and FastPlate Automated License Plate Recognition. With FastGate , you can identify and log visitors with VisiScan drivers license and VisiCam photograph capture, monitor the surrounding area with rugged SceneCam high-resolution digital cameras, command the system using the FastGate Command Center installed on an indoor or outdoor touchscreen kiosk, and instantly train new employees with interactive on-screen training and help modules. FastGate is also available in a portable configuration, PortaPoint. Pricing for FastGate Access Control Solutions begins at about $US 18,000.

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