Smiths Detection Creates Wearable Chemical Detection Technology

Danbury, CT – December 2006 – Smiths Detection, a world leading provider of chemical, explosives trace and X-ray detection systems, today introduced its wearable Lightweight Chemical Detector (LCD-FR), to the first responder market. The LCD-FR is designed to be worn by first responders including law enforcement as standard equipment which adds a layer of protection against the presence of warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals through proven Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS).

"Already employed by armed forces and training facilities around the world, these wearable detect-to-warn devices will bring increased confidence to first responders as part of their daily routine and everyday gear," said Mark Gordon, General Manager and Vice President of Commercial and Non-Federal Government businesses, Smiths Detection. "Originally designed to protect our soldiers meeting military requirements for performance, robustness and reliability the LCD-FR adds a new standard of personal protection for front-line first responders."

The LCD-FR has three modes of detect-to-warn: CW for the detection of chemical warfare agents, TIC for the detection of Toxic Industrial Chemicals, and Survey for detection of residual persistent contamination following Decontamination. The device also features a non-radioactive ionization source, along with a user-friendly maintenance pack that is both simple and cost-effective. Unlike most chemical detection equipment, the device does not require users to be HazMat certified, which is especially beneficial to law enforcement, who typically do not have this certification. The LCD-FR is fully supported by Smiths Detection's 24/7 ReachBack Technical Support.

"The LCD-FR packs are capable of detecting substances below immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) concentrations," said Damian Tracey, President, Smiths Detection - Military. "This brings real-time detection of nerve, blister, blood and toxic industrial chemical threats adding an additional layer of protection in the field and allowing first responders to focus on their primary objectives."

The LCD-FR expands Smiths Detection's product line of portable first responder solutions including: the HazMatID, GasID and RespondeR RCI. Smiths Detection's first responder solutions provide an unparalleled level of detection and identification of solids, liquids and gases, including: toxic industrial chemicals, suspicious white powders, illicit drugs, nerve and blister agents, weapons of mass destruction, volatile organic compounds, chemical warfare agents, explosives, pesticides, and flammables and non-flammables.