Axis Communications

New network video products unveiled by Axis

Axis Communications has announced the introduction of a new generation network video products built upon the in-house developed ARTPEC-3 chip. The new product generation includes H.264 video compression standard which is more cost efficient and will simplify deployment and management of large systems.

With the introduction of a new generation network video solutions, Axis takes video surveillance to new heights. By integrating the H.264 video compression standard into every new generation product, Axis will boost the capabilities of modern video surveillance.

"Introducing this new generation is a natural step for Axis. It further highlights the well-known benefits of network video solutions in terms of creating cost-efficient, flexible and scalable solutions. With our new generation, these advantages become even more evident compared to analog solution," said Axis Executive Vice President Anders Laurin.

By using H.264 in all new generation network cameras, video encoders and video management systems Axis saves up to 50 percent of storage and network bandwidth compared to MPEG-4 Part 2 and up to 80 percent compared to Motion JPEG. This allows for more cost effective video-surveillance systems and simplified deployment and management of large-scale video surveillance systems.

"The user can either cut the costs for bandwidth and storage or use the new technology to increase the frame rate and image quality with a maintained cost," Laurin said.

The deployment of the new generation network video solutions will start during the third quarter half of 2008.