ATEME launches new video encoder at IFSEC

ATEME, an acknowledged leader in end-to-end H.264 IP video surveillance solutions, today announced the release of its new VSIP4 H.264 video security solution featuring a 4-channel IP video/audio encoder and unique DNA technology.

As a new addition to the ATEME range of video security products, VSIP4 offers unprecedented H.264 video quality for highly sensitive security situations including highways, airports, public transportation systems, and urban surveillance. Thanks to an innovative DSP based programmable and upgradable architecture, VSIP4 benefits from ATEME’s renowned H.264 compression technology in order to optimize video quality.

The VSIP4 IP Encoder features a high density video matrix (up to 80 channels per rack) and is designed to adapt to existing network infrastructures. VSIP4 is the first product from ATEME to incorporate the full range of Dynamic Network Adaption (DNA) tools. Based on recent innovations by ATEME’s R&D laboratories, the DNA feature set includes a unique self-adapting H.264 and intelligent regulation mode to address safety requirements, maintenance issues and network bandwidth optimization. DNA not only reduces network bitrates but also enhances the encoder by providing even further improvements in video quality while benefiting from intelligent DNA encoding features such as temporal scalability (support for both live and recording frame rate modes from a single source).

"The VSIP4 IP Encoder is based on ATEME’s in-house H.264 codec core expertise as well as years of experience in dealing with video quality,” says Thierry Tourneux, director of Video Security BU at ATEME. "With VSIP4, we are proud to offer our customers a high performance H.264 encoder with a wide range of features."

The ATEME team will be showcasing VSIP4 at IFESEC from May 12 until May15 at Stand 18124.