DMP to Show Thinline Series Icon Keypad at ASIS 2007

Springfield, Missouri—August 16, 2007— Digital Monitoring Products will unveil its new Thinline Series Icon Keypad – an attractive, user-friendly keypad for both residential and small commercial applications – along with other new innovations at ASIS International 2007, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 24-27, 2007.

The sleek icon keypad, available in models 7360 and 7363, offer the same flexible features as a standard DMP keypad, but adds an LCD which displays intuitive icons and user messages, making it easier to read and use. Shortcut keys make operation faster for common arming functions. The keypad turns red in an alarm, visually alerting users that the alarm has been tripped. 7363 offers an integrated proximity reader for convenient code-free system operation. Both the 7360 and 7363 are compatible with the DMP XRSuper6, XR20 and XR40 Command Processor Panels.

ASIS visitors can also see four new two-way wireless modules, including the 1114-W Wireless Four- Zone Expander, 1116-W Wireless Relay Output, 1117R-W Wireless LED Annunciator, and 1118R-W Wireless Remote Indicator Light. Two-way supervised communication is the key to their appeal.

Unlike traditional wireless modules that broadcast alarm signals until the zone is restored, these new two-way modules require acknowledgment from the receiver, ensuring that every signal is received and processed at the control panel. Two-way wireless output modules are compatible with the DMP XRSuper6, XR20, XR40, XR100 and XR500 Series Command Processor Panels.

“This is the most reliable way to make certain that an alarm signal gets through and, most importantly, gets acted upon, providing even more peace of mind for our customers,” said Jeff McAleer, DMP Vice President of Sales.

Rounding out the DMP highlights is the new patent-pending Cancel/Verify feature. It offers a simple way to cancel or verify an alarm right at the keypad. It saves time and eliminates guesswork at the Central Station to reduce false alarms. It also cuts down on delayed response if the alarm is a real emergency. Cancel/Verify is available on XRSuper6, XR20, XR40, XR100 and XR500 Command Processor Panels.

Visitors to the booth can also pick up the latest DMP product catalog on CD.