Zebra unveils UHF RFID Gen 2 card printer-encoder

Firm also unveils Zebra-designed card media

• Tracking and tracing of work-in-process, tools, equipment, and reusable assets (such as drums, totes and containers) to save costs on repeated purchase of RFID tags/labels.
• Vehicle and fleet tracking to provide fast, accurate information about transport time, dwell time, entry and exit times for easier management of transportation and logistics.
• Tracking of people at entrances and exits in high security premises -- such as enterprises, data centers, government and healthcare facilities -- to heighten security.
• Access control and visitor tracking to ensure those peoples' locations are known, and role-based access control badges to ensure authentication for access to secure areas.
• RFID-enabled customer loyalty cards to be used by retailers to increase customer recognition and service.

For more information about the Zebra R3i and R4i UHF RFID Card Printer/Encoders and genuine Zebra supplies, please call 800-452-4056 or visit www.zebra.com.