Stanley launches new Wi-Fi messaging system

As Wi-Fi communication infrastructures are increasingly introduced into hospitals to speed up the transfer of patient information, Stanley Security Solutions has launched its first Wi-Fi based messaging system that offers healthcare staff improved communication and safety.

The PACE Wi-Fi Messenger, which is able to integrate into existing Wi-Fi infrastructure of the same standard, is the ideal messaging device for all hospital employees as well as a significant staff protection aid, particularly for lone workers and staff in high risk areas such as accident and emergency wards and psychiatric units.

With full two-way speech based on VoIP, built in speaker, microphone and hands-free functions, the PACE can be used as a mobile phone as well as send and receive speech, data and even streamed video messages, all in one compact device. Pre-defined messages can be set up for quick response such as call acknowledgement and the mobile can also be switched to the speaker function to send out group messages, ideal, for example, in voice evacuation situations.

As well as enabling much quicker and more efficient communication between staff across different parts of a hospital complex, the PACE device plays a major role in improved staff protection. It includes a top display with built-in alarm which can be activated with one push of the button and, with an integral location detection function; it can guide anyone responding to an alarm call to their location.

Another important security feature is a MEMS technology sensor which can detect periods of non-movement as well as acceleration in any direction, indicating, for example, that the device might have been thrown. There is also a facility to use a rip-cord alarm which will activate when the unit is removed from the belt. Manufactured in robust, high impact material, the device can largely withstand this type of mistreatment.

All of these features are designed to reassure staff that wherever they are located in a hospital they can maintain ongoing contact with a central control or other colleagues and can instantly raise an alarm call and have their current location transmitted for immediate response.

Stanley Security Solutions has a proven pedigree in communication and staff protection systems, not least within the healthcare market, and has introduced this latest device specifically in response to Wi-Fi developments within hospitals. Commercial Director Dan Thomas explained, "Wi-Fi technology is a relatively new concept in hospitals but is becoming increasingly used to quickly and efficiently transfer information. By developing a device that sits on this Wi-Fi infrastructure and includes a number of distinct security features, we are offering hospital workers state-of-the-art communication and staff protection, all through one compact, mobile unit."