Norbain awarded 'Best UK Distributor' by Axis

Norbain SD has been recognized once again for its levels of service and impressive market presence, this time in the Axis Communications Awards. The awards were presented at Axis’ annual Distributor Conference on 9th – 11th April, which was held at Forte Village, Sardinia, and attended by 127 customers from more than 30 countries.

The conference’s central theme was 'Welcome to a new world of video surveillance'. During the conference Axis described the advantages of H.264, a new standard for video compression and how this technology is the logical next step in the evolution of network video surveillance.

Highlights of the event included a speech by Simon Harris, an analyst from IMS Research, entitled ‘High growth for the long term’, and a presentation from Keven Marier, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of IPVS, entitled ‘Changing channels, security convergence and distribution impact.'

Distributors were given product demonstrations in four separate breakout sessions, which included information on Axis video encoders, AXIS Camera Station and network camera accessories. The conference also included three workshops where attendees could learn more about commercial aspects and distribution opportunities.

"Norbain is the largest distributor in the UK and has the highest growth in this market," says Steve Gorski, managing director, Axis Communications. "One factor in achieving these impressive figures can be attributed to their excellent customer mix encompassing both the traditional and IT markets, he added"

"We were extremely honored to receive the award for Best UK Distributor," comments Richard Price, IP product manager for Norbain. "We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Axis and building upon the success we have so far achieved."