Watchman Introduces Entry Alert Doorway Sensor

The Watchman Entry Alert signals when someone enters or leaves a store alerting an employee who may be in another room or waiting on a customer.

Passive Infrared technology detects a change in heat between room temperature and body/skin surface and then sets off an alert. This technology eliminates the need for reflectors that fall out of alignment in heavy traffic areas.

Designed for industrial applications, the Entry Alert was built to last for many years with little maintenance. It operates using either four AA batteries or an optional plug in power adapter. Its simple design makes the Watchman Entry Alert the most accurate low cost entry alert solution on the market.

The entry alert is located in a doorway. Available in styles that can connect to store computers, it also can report traffic statistics for marketing and other purposes.

The entry alert is being introduced to the U.S. market at the ISC East Show, Sept. 11-12 in New York City, Booth 806.

With its global headquarters located in New Zealand, Watchman is currently seeking distributors in the U.S. security market for its line of people counting and surveillance products. More information is available at