Chinese transit authority implements ObjectVideo, TeraMage solution

Shenzhen, China – September 23, 2008, (Intersec China) – ObjectVideo, the leader in intelligent video, today announced that TeraMage, an ObjectVideo manufacturing partner based in Beijing, has won a contract with Shenzhen Metro to provide its ObjectVideo OnBoard-powered EagleMage intelligent video surveillance solution to help secure two of Shenzhen's future rail lines. The implementation phase of the project began recently.

The Shenzhen Metro is the underground railway in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. TeraMage will provide its EagleMage intelligent video surveillance solution to help secure two of Shenzhen Metro's future lines, the Line 1 Airport Extension and Line 2, which are currently under construction. When completed, these two new lines will add 26 subway stations to the Shenzhen Metro system.

"Maintaining the safety and security of public transportation systems in cities is a worldwide imperative. For railway security teams who need to constantly monitor miles of rail system, intelligent video has proven to be an effective tool," said Wang Weilei, president, TeraMage. "We worked very closely with Shenzhen Metro officials to design and deploy a system that extends the reach of human surveillance, significantly increasing the safety of the people of Shenzhen."

EagleMage will help ensure passenger safety and security by leveraging ObjectVideo's video analytics technology to immediately and automatically alert security personnel when suspicious behaviors are detected on any station platform. For instance, EagleMage can automatically alert security personnel if a relevant event takes place on a subway platform or anywhere within a camera's view.

"As the exclusive partner of ObjectVideo in the Asia Pacific region, we are delighted to be collaborating with TeraMage to help Shenzhen Metro meet their high security objectives," said Barry Lin, managing director, WPG International (SA). "We have significant experience working with OEMs like TeraMage and are committed to working with our partners to deliver intelligent video analytics technology that makes video surveillance devices smarter."

Designed as an embedded video content analysis solution, ObjectVideo OnBoard intelligently discerns objects of interest; distinguishes between humans, vehicles, and other objects; continuously tracks positions for all moving and stationary targets; and recognizes if objects have been removed or left behind at designated site; among other potentially threatening behaviors. When significant changes are detected in the video, ObjectVideo OnBoard immediately logs the event and issues an alert—complete with still images or full-motion video—over the IP network to security personnel.

EagleMage is an ObjectVideo OnBoard-powered intelligent video surveillance solution designed in the small form factor of a stand-alone box supporting both IP and dry contact alarms. Its small size makes it an ideal solution for the confined infrastructure of subway tunnels and underground passenger platforms. EagleMage's loop-through video connection and rack-mountable capabilities provide flexibility and easy configuration during on-site deployment. A fully featured software development kit (SDK) is also offered for quick system integration.