Pixim chipset powers GE's new UWDR mini-domes

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--December 2007 -- Pixim Inc., a leading provider of image sensors and processors for enterprise security cameras, today announced that its Orca chipset was selected to power GE Security's new UltraView indoor DM2 - XP3 and outdoor DR2 - XP3 ultra-wide dynamic range (WDR) mini-dome security cameras. This new mini-dome camera series joins GE Security's Pixim-powered KTC-XP3 box camera in the company's lineup. Both cameras use Pixim's Digital Pixel System (DPS) image capture technology to provide world-leading performance in challenging lighting conditions, combined with dramatically improved low-light performance.

The Pixim-powered GE UltraView XP3 mini-dome series is an advanced WDR camera series ideal for a commercial customer base, in particular business locations exposed to extreme backlight, such as retail stores, loading docks and building lobbies.

"With the introduction of the Pixim-powered XP3 mini-dome series, GE Security is reaffirming our commitment to developing advanced, innovative video surveillance technology for our customers," said Tom Cashman, general manager - video for GE Security. "These cameras have been designed to provide unprecedented image quality no matter the lighting or environmental condition they may face."

By employing Pixim's wide dynamic range technology, GE Security's cameras will capture highlights and shadow details simultaneously, deliver natural color, and eliminate vertical smear and pixel blooming. Pixim's chipsets are also ideal for use in mini-domes, because image quality is not compromised by form factor or variable temperatures. These attributes, along with GE Security's improved low-light performance will allow users of the Pixim-powered cameras to capture high-quality evidentiary images.

"Traditional CCTV cameras deliver inconsistent clarity and color inaccuracies in variable lighting conditions," said John Monti, vice president of marketing and business development for Pixim. "GE Security's family of UltraView cameras overcomes all these problems, delivering the image quality demanded by today's retail, education, healthcare, banking and gaming businesses."