TeleEye RX doubles its D1 recording rate

The engineering development on TeleEye RX has never stopped despite the product has already received an overwhelming response since its introduction. Now we proudly introduce a new upgrade on TeleEye RX 8- and 16-channel video recording servers, models: RX328, RX3216, RX368_V2 and RX3616_V2, in which the recording frame rate at D1 resolution is doubled to reach 100 and 120fps for PAL and NTSC respectively.

With such enhancement, the RX328 and RX368_V2 can achieve the maximum recording frame rate of 12.5/15fps per camera for all cameras recording at D1 resolution. They are ideal for installations where high recording quality and high frame rates are required. TeleEye RX can definitely be the best suitable choice for opening up tremendous business opportunities in high-end video surveillance applications.

The new members, TeleEye RX328 and RX3216, are 8- & 16-channel full functional video recording servers supporting up to 2 internal hard drives and a composite video output design. They contain all features of RX368 and RX3616 counterpart such as supporting D1 recording at 100/120fps and the excellent video transmission of up to 100/120fps on LAN. Hence, concurrent users can have independent camera selections. RX328 and RX3216 are fully compatible with TeleEye software WX-30, WX-M16, CMS, Cyber TeleEye and SDK. Users can use mobile phone to connect with the video recording servers for viewing live video via 3G or GPRS connection. Incorporating our SMAC-M Multi-stream Video Coding Technology, TeleEye RX328 and RX3216 deliver excellent mobile and IP surveillance performance.

Last but not least, RX328 and RX3216 supports video extraction through using an external USB DVD writer.

In considering the higher storage requirement on the increased recording frame rate, all the above TeleEye RX models support connection up to 4pcs RX-SE for storage expansion. RX3216 together with 4pcs RX-SE can accommodate up to 10 HDDs with a total storage space of 7.5TB, which can record video footage at D1 resolution, 100fps for more than 60 days, 24 hours a day non-stop!

On the other hand, a new version of WX-30 video reception software is introduced in conjunction to the new TeleEye RX models. Besides new RX operations at D1 resolution and 100/120fps recording, the new WX-30 would also support 'stretching' videos into full-screen to fit on the PC's monitor.