Security Cameras Help Protect Atlanta's Party Area

Buckhead area gets cameras as private industry and police join forces

The drop in crime has made a noticeable difference to members of the Buckhead Alliance, as well as the city's residents. Due to the joint efforts of the Alliance members, things have started to look up for Buckhead-Atlanta once again.

Atlanta Police Sergeant R.S. Johns was quoted as saying "The Buckhead Project and Stealth Security cameras have been credited with recording much needed video footage, as well as helping stop crimes before they were even committed. If other cities could come together in this manner to help stop crime, they could also experience these positive results, just as Buckhead did."

When old- fashioned community involvement is paired with high-tech digital security measures, it makes a difference in the safety of a modern city. Though Atlanta, Georgia was once an unlikely example of crime deterrence methods, it now exhibits a new formula for crime prevention, and sets an example for others to follow.