Bosch updates G series panels

FAIRPORT, N.Y. - Bosch Security Systems, Inc., a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security solutions, today announced a new firmware release for its G Series control panels that delivers multiple enhancements for end users, integrators and central station owners and operators.

The G Series now support up to four IP routing destinations, allowing the panels to communicate with up to four IP addresses, such as a primary communication address and back-up options – giving greater flexibility to central stations.

For users, the firmware release delivers time-saving features, including the ability to more easily clear alarms from the control panel’s memory and to arm the system without entering a pass code. In addition, performance has been enhanced to allow the Bosch G Series control panels to respond to user commands up to 75 percent faster.

Customers will also appreciate the control panels’ improved operation with Bosch’s Building Integration System – a comprehensive enterprise management software solution that is designed to incorporate security, video and building automation capabilities for integrated management.

Firmware release 7.07 is now available for the D7212GV2, D7412GV2 and D9412GV2 control panels. For more information, visit