Mirasys debuts their next generation of NVR software at IFSEC

Mirasys, one of the world’s leading providers of open platform digital CCTV and video surveillance solutions, today Monday the availability of its next generation of Network Video Recorder software only digital surveillance solutions. Mirasys NVR Pro is a single server IP video recording solution aimed for the needs of businesses of all sizes with support of up to 32 cameras. Mirasys NVR Enterprise is a multiple server and channel solution aimed at medium and large companies that can support up to 5000 IP cameras and which can be managed as a single, distributed surveillance system.

"Mirasys has traditionally provided ready made systems with both hardware and software bundled together for both DVR and NVR solutions. In recent times we realized that in order to give our customers the best available choice and most value for money it is important to offer software only solutions", said Mirasys CEO Jukka Riivari. "We have invested extensively to ensure that our latest software offerings are easy and efficient to use, are extremely reliable and are flexible and scalable for future system expansions. The NVR range has all of these important attributes and is one of the best solutions in the market place right now, regardless of whether it is for a company making its first move into video surveillance, or a larger organization upgrading its existing system."

NVR Pro is a professional network recording software solution for serious video surveillance in an area or a building that can be covered with 32 or less cameras. NVR Pro runs on a standard Windows PC (both XP and Vista) and contains all the major functionality to be expected from a professional network video recording solution. This includes continuous 24/7 recording, real-time monitoring, playback of recorded video, intelligent motion detection as well as a powerful search tool that enables users to explore recorded events easily and find a particular incident quickly.

NVR Pro contains the following key features:

NVR Enterprise software builds on the success of the Mirasys N series but introduces a number of new features to provide additional ease of use, such as the map navigation tool, audio recording channels, text/data channels and back-up archiving.

The powerful search tools within NVR Enterprise will interest organizations who need to interrogate stored data quickly. When particular incidents are found, they can then be exported from the system as single images or video clips in common file formats.

This powerful enterprise digital surveillance solution is also the first one to integrate with the world’s first H.264 megapixel video surveillance cameras by Arecont Vision. Video from Arecont’s H.264 megapixel cameras can be scaled to 1920 x 1080, or 1280 x 720 resolution with a 16 x 9 aspect ratio for a true high definition format without compromising network bandwidth.

NVR Enterprise has the following key features and specifications:

For more information please visit www.mirasys.eu