ASIS Seeks Comments on Information Asset Protection Draft Guideline

Alexandria, VA - ASIS International (ASIS), the preeminent organization for security professionals worldwide, through its Commission on Guidelines and the Information Asset Protection Committee, today released the Information Asset Protection Draft Guideline. The guideline seeks to help organizations develop and implement a policy and comprehensive risk-based strategy to protect their intellectual property, proprietary information and other intangible assets.

The Information Asset Protection Draft Guideline is available for a public review and comment period of 60 days, ending February 14, 2007.

The premise for the guideline is that an organization's competitive edge is the result of information derived from the creativity and innovation of its personnel, and that the loss of this information would negatively impact the organization's investment in personnel, time, finances, product and/or property. No matter what the specific information is-a trade secret, patent information or other intellectual property-organizations must take measures to protect this most valuable asset, and the Information Asset Protection Draft Guideline, when completed, will provide the necessary guidance in developing these measures.

"In today's business environment, where a company's sustainability is in many cases dependent on data or other information in a computer or training invested in personnel, organizations must have a plan to protect these intangible assets," said Regis Becker, CPP, Chairman of the Commission on Guidelines. "The Information Asset Protection Draft Guideline provides an excellent start to that plan, but can be refined and improved through the efforts of business and security leaders who take the time to lend their thoughts during the review period."

To download the Information Asset Protection Draft Guideline for review and comment, go to ASIS' guidelines Web site,

Also included is a comment form that can be completed and submitted electronically, or downloaded and faxed to 703-518-1517. Comments must be received by ASIS International by February 14, 2007.

After the 60-day public review and comment period, there will be a review of all comments submitted and the finalized guideline is expected to be available in Spring 2007.