Schlage Introduces King Cobra Series 2 Locks and SNAP Programmer

New locks, programmer and PC application create simple solution for small facility access management

Several models are available. The KC5000 Series 2 is designed for cylindrical and mortise door preps. The KC2 Office Function lock provides a convenient lock/unlock button on the inside of the door, making it quick and easy to allow credential-free passage during the day and credential-only access at night. The narrow stile KC9000 Series 2 locks are designed for use with aluminum doors that rely on various latches and exit devices to secure the opening. The KCR 2 retrofit model provides and easy upgrade path from a mechanical pushbutton lock by matching the existing door prep and covering the lock footprint for a clean finish.

"The SNAP Programmer and SNAP PC Application takes off-line access control management to a whole new level – a much simpler one," emphasizes Nieshalla. "Our customers have asked us to make software that manages people and doors, and the handheld programmer that delivers data to the lock, more intuitive. The new KC2 locks and SNAP Programmer accomplish this and do not require certification or special training. More importantly, the customer will not forget how they work, even when there are weeks between uses."

With the KC2 lock, programming ports allow the locks to be managed using the SNAP handheld programmer, a unique, USB-based device that moves information from the computer to the lock. The SNAP Programmer features a simple keypad layout, LCD screen, and an iButton port to register iButton credentials. Partnered with the new, complimentary SNAP PC application, which is available as a free download on the website, it is a valuable tool that is used to manage people and doors, as well as download audit trails from the lock.

The SNAP PC application resides on the user's PC and is used to create a list of users and door names, which are then merged together, determining who can go where and when. It is extremely simple to use. The intuitive layout, drag and drop control and functional design let administrators manage a database of users, PIN codes, iButton credentials and audit trails effortlessly. Files can be shared, emailed or transferred between PCs.

When finished working on the SNAP PC Application, the SNAP programmer is connected to the USB port on the PC. An "export" button is used to send all relevant information to the programmer. Once locks are installed, the SNAP Programmer is then taken to the lock and plugged in to download its instructions to the lock. At the same time, an audit trail can be retrieved.

"As needs grow and change for a facility, these new KC2 locks provide a pathway for growth," adds Nieshalla. "For the end-user just getting into electronics as a means of key control, programming the lock using the keypad may be all that is needed. When the number of doors and employees increase, the user can begin using the SNAP programmer, which makes programming locks easier and provides an audit trail of who went where and when. Later, the user may want the locks to automatically lock and re-lock at certain times of the day. Without buying new locks, the user can simply invest in the Schlage Security Management System software to increase functionality."

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