ShatterGARD Releases FogSHIELD Security Fogger

Atlanta, GA., April 24, 2007 - ShatterGARD Inc., an industry leader in glass protection, today announced the launch of its most recent security offering, FogSHIELD. The FogSHIELD security fogger immediately stops burglars in their tracks by ejecting a dense, yet harmless wall of fog - virtually eliminating an intruder's line of sight. Connecting seamlessly with an existing commercial or residential alarm system, FogSHIELD rapidly ejects a non-toxic fog capable of blanketing a space of 2,000 square feet in less than 15 seconds. FogSHIELD is triggered by an alarm system motion sensor or door trip, only ejecting a wall of fog after the alarm and one or more sensors have been tripped, thus eliminating false alarms. Standard alarm systems are designed to alert law enforcement of a crime in progress. However, using FogSHIELD, within 2-3 seconds of a burglar entering the premises a harmless fog fully blankets the interior space, leaving the intruder with no option but to scurry for the door.

FogSHIELD was developed for the security industry using the same fog formula that has been used for decades in the movie, theater and nightclub industries. The fog emitted is generated by mixing water and glycol, a compound commonly found in common food coloring. The compound is forced through a patented cartridge that is connected to an internal heat exchanger, which vaporizes the fluid and creates a dry, colorless and harmless non-toxic fog that has a pleasant mint smell and dissipates completely within 45 minutes, leaving absolutely no residue.

"When you consider that average law enforcement response time is around 20 minutes, it becomes glaringly easy to understand how a burglar can steal thousands of dollars in valuables in that time frame," said Jordan Frankel, CEO of ShatterGARD, Inc. "In comparison, FogSHIELD responds automatically, stopping a burglar in their tracks within 2-3 seconds of entry. Working in conjunction with an alarm system, FogSHIELD provides an immediate response to a home or business burglary and prevents additional crimes before they can occur. Relying solely on an alarm system leaves property owners susceptible to burglary costs that could bankrupt some smaller businesses. FogSHIELD is a safe and effective alarm system enhancement that provides an invaluable extra layer of security and peace of mind."

Installed by certified technicians, FogSHIELD integrates directly with existing alarm systems and will only trigger when a specified series of programming options are tripped in succession. FogSHIELD is installed in a strategically located area so that it fully protects high-risk assets and incorporates anti-false alarm circuitry to help eliminate the possibility of a false trigger. The only maintenance required for the product is the simple replacement of a fog ejection cartridge which is designed to last approximately five years and contains enough fog for approximately 15 ejections.

"The concept behind FogSHIELD is straightforward - a burglar cannot steal, damage or harm what cannot be seen," said Jeff Dingle, world-renowned security expert. "Alarm systems are a necessary and beneficial method for protecting one's home or business. But adding a product such as FogSHIELD significantly decreases the chances of property damage or theft above and beyond the safety provided by a basic alarm system."

To purchase FogSHIELD for a home or business, contact the FogSHIELD sales department at 1-800-306-7998-14 or visit FogSHIELD technicians are available to work with your local security company to guarantee that the product is properly installed and configured into your alarm system.