Numerex and DMP Partner for New Panel with Digital Backup

ATLANTA, Dec. 20 -- Numerex Corp., a leader in wireless M2M solutions, and Digital Monitoring Products, a leading US manufacturer of alarm control panels, announced today the release of the DMP XR500, an integrated intrusion, fire, and access control panel with optional digital cellular backup. Powered by Numerex Networks and Uplink, Numerex's Security Division, the AnyNET-DMP wireless communications device will provide instant notification--and uninterrupted alarm communications--to central stations in the event of phone-line outage or Internet service interruption.

The solution includes the Uplink AnyNET-DMP, an onboard communications device integrated with the XR500 panel and Numerex Network's digital wireless service to central monitoring stations. Designed to provide easy web-based administration, quick installation and instant connectivity, the solution also features flat rate pricing and automated testing capabilities. The integrated solution is quicker to install, and account setup is faster and easier than comparable backup systems. Numerex Networks provides digital service coverage throughout North America, including the Caribbean.

"Now the XR500 offers simple, clean back up communication," said DMP Vice President of Sales Gary Kallman. "With Uplink, the XR500 signals the same receiver, same line card, same IP address as a landline, so it avoids cost increases and the chance for confusion and miscommunications that can happen when cellular backup demands a separate receiver."

"The integration of the Uplink AnyNET-DMP digital device represents a significant new product offering for DMP and provides new market opportunities for DMP dealers," said Chuck Horne, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Numerex. "DMP customers -- both consumers and businesses -- now have the option of cost-effective, dedicated protection from a fully wireless security connection."

The AnyNet-DMP is available immediately from Uplink.