JVC’s debuts new 16-channel NVR

Following the successful launch of the VR-N900U 9-channel network video recorder, JVC has introduced a 16-channel network video recorder, the VR-N1600E.

"The VR-N1600E incorporates embedded Milestone XProtect software just like the popular VR-N900U 9-channel network video recorder model. An enhanced variety of channels and functions are added ensuring that IP security systems are accessible to every installer and operator" comments Yash Patel, executive director, CCTV Europe at JVC Professional Europe. "The hardware and software technology solution from reputed manufacturers like JVC and Milestone, which is tried and tested in the security marketplace. JVC guarantees compatibility between many kinds of manufactured hardware and software and also provides full customer support for the product."

The new NVR provides a single-box solution that is able to connect to any brand IP camera or encoder that is supported by Milestone XProtect software embedded at is core to offer a pure-IP solution. This is especially useful for applications that have existing equipment in place creating a truly flexible surveillance system.

The open architecture of the VR-N1600E allows the seamless integration of building management systems such as access control, public and voice address systems, help points and even point of sales systems.

The NVR records high-quality images at a maximum frame rate of 240 frames per second in VGA mode. The NVR has automatic IP camera detection and the IP addresses of each device are assigned an IP address from the built-in DHCP server if required. Besides using alarms from the camera and encoders, the VR-N1600E units also feature 8 alarm inputs which are able to be directly connected to devices such as PIR security sensors and door contacts.

The VCR/DVR-like jog-shuttle and front panel controls ensuring ease of use of all security personnel. Special care has taken in the design of the electronics and air-flow system which are made for 24/7 use.

The recorder is rack-mountable and comes with an inbuilt 500GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage and can be upgraded with an additional 500GB HDD. Using the external USB port, up to 4TB of storage can be added to work with the recorder. The unit also supports RAID 1 (mirroring) internally. The NVR is also compliant with network attached storage devices (NAS) for video archiving. For added flexibility, two network ports, 1000 base (Gigabit) for capturing video streams from IP cameras or encoders and 100 base for remote viewing is available.