ELMO's SUV-Cam System Can Be Used for Bus Protection

PLAINVIEW, NY – ELMO’s new, pocket-portable SUV-Cam digital recording system helps school bus operators solve problems such as unruly behavior, bullying and destruction of property. By recording activity as it takes place in and around the bus, the SUV-Cam makes it easy for officials to identify troublemakers and stop incidents before they escalate into more serious problems. With no cumbersome cables or equipment to install, the tiny camera can be easily attached to poles, dashboards and partitions inside the bus. It can also be hand carried and operated by pushing one button.

The SUV-Cam captures clear, bright images of all the students on the bus and close-ups of individuals and events from any angle. For example, if an altercation starts between two students the driver can take action before more students become involved. Drivers can also record from a distance. Along with identifying unruly children, the SUV-Cam helps to deter graffiti and other destructive activity that can cost thousands of dollars.

The driver simply points the micro camera and pushes a button to start recording. The micro camera, which is attached to the recorder/monitor by a 2.6 ft. or 4.9 ft. cable, makes it easy to record anywhere. The system’s small size allows it to be easily carried from the front to the back and outside the bus, from one bus to another, and in schoolyards and classrooms. Clear, close-up images can be shown to school administrators and parents as well as security, law enforcement, attorneys and court officials.

The complete system--a waterproof micro camera head only 3.3” long and 0.7” diameter and dedicated MPEG4 DVR with a 2.2” LCD monitor—weighs under 0.6 lbs., making it easy for drivers and other users to operate it just about anywhere. The SUV-Cam delivers more than one hour of quality video and audio recording on an optional 2GB SD card. Sharp, clear audio is recorded by the built-in mono microphone or with an external mic. It has connections for an included AC adapter, earphone, AV output and a USB2.0 port. In addition to being utilized in school buses, the SUV-Cam can be used for education, documentation, security, legal and training applications.

For further information, visit www.elmousa.com/cctv.