Asure ID Software Available at No Cost with Fargo Card Printers

Minneapolis, MN (August 9, 2007) Fargo Electronics, Inc., a global leader in secure technologies for card identity systems, today announced that Fargo Asure ID® Express™ ID badge software is now available at no extra cost when ordered with a Fargo card printer encoder. Fargo Asure ID software is a suite of digital identity and photo ID card management solutions that enable organizations to create, manage and verify an individual’s identity. The languages supported include English, Spanish, French and German. “This is a major breakthrough in customer value,” said Steve Blake, vice president of product marketing for systems and solutions. “Fargo Asure ID Express is a fully featured application that will serve the needs of most entry and mid-level customers. With a retail price of $825 US, customers will realize a savings of up to 35% on a complete ID system versus our competition.”

The Express version is a powerful and easy-to-use stand-alone photo ID card software application with advanced card design and production capabilities for:

* Single-sided and dual-sided card printing

* Magnetic stripe and bar code machine-readable data

* External database connectivity

End users can try out Fargo Asure ID Solo or Express at no charge at

Asure ID Express also provides an easy upgrade path to Asure ID Enterpriseâ„¢ or Asure ID Exchangeâ„¢, for those customers who need enterprise-wide software on a network, links to multiple databases, real-time data exchange and smart card capability.

In addition, Fargo is now offering free, unlimited Asure ID software technical support by phone and e-mail throughout the remainder of 2007. Technical support can be accessed at