Dallmeier Video Solutions Used at BMW International Open

High-end surveillance system on display; courses increasingly using surveillance

Over the years, the BMW International Open in Munich has gained a reputation with the world's golfing elite as one of the most important golf tournaments in Europe. This year for the first time, Regensburg-based company Dallmeier participated, presenting its CCTV/IP solutions for major sporting events.

As an organizer of amateur as well as professional golf tournaments around the world for 22 years, BMW recognises the growing importance of the sport for its target audiences. The 2006 BMW International Open in Munich, where the company headquarters are located, set a new record with 68,500 visitors. This year, the event, which took place from June 21st to 24th at Munich Eichenried Golf Club, once again reported excellent attendance figures.

Taking place directly after the US Open, the BMW International Open 2007 marked the beginning of a series of high-ranking golf tournaments in Europe. Defending champion Henrik Stenson (Sweden) and Ernie Els (South Africa), currently ranked fifth and sixth in the world respectively, led the high-class field of players. This year, victory once again went to a Swede: Niclas Fasth. In addition, a number of famous amateur players also attended the event, including the former professional football player Andreas Möller, the singers Howard Carpendale and Haddaway, as well as TV presenter Jörg Wontorra and the former professional tennis player Bernd Karbacher.

Of the 27 holes on the Munich Eichenried course, the 18 most challenging fairways were arranged to form a championship course, which stretched the pros to the limit. With an overall length of 6,366m, the course offered the classic arrangement of four par 3, ten par 4, and four par 5 holes.

Dallmeier technology on display

Traditionally, selected companies from a variety of industries such as Rolex, Die Welt (newspaper), Focus, Hugo Boss and Emirates are invited to present their products during the BMW International Open. Regensburg CCTV/IP specialist Dallmeier, in cooperation with its partner Securitas, gave an impressive presentation of its monitoring solutions in the area of video surveillance.

Two cameras monitored both the start and finish of the tournament: the tee-off at the first and the green at the eighteenth. The pictures were transmitted to a DMS 240 "Leonardo" digital recorder, located on Securitas' exhibition stand.

The outstanding quality of the pictures transmitted attracted and fascinated numerous visitors. Spectators followed the action on the fairway in real-time, or reviewed the recording of their own tee-off after the game. The images were available for viewing on a monitor and on a PDA.

Video surveillance on the golf course

Modern video security technology is increasingly being used on the golf course. In addition to traditional areas of application such as the surveillance of important areas (shops, cash desks, car parks, etc.) or the recording of practice tee shots, another field of application is attracting more and more attention: the recording of games of golf in order to validate prize claims.

Many golf tournaments offer high-value material and cash prizes. Understandably, tournament officials want to be able to conclusively verify a player's claim to the prize. Dallmeier has developed two general approaches to provide suitable solutions: firstly, fixed cameras, which record onto a digital video recorder and secondly, mobile surveillance systems on golf buggies, which offer perfect coverage of the most difficult course angles.

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