Dallmeier Video Solutions Used at BMW International Open

High-end surveillance system on display; courses increasingly using surveillance

Fixed cameras

Dallmeier cameras are installed in suitable locations with the image data recorded onto a Dallmeier DVR - a system which was impressively demonstrated during the BMW International Open.

Mobile surveillance system

With this novel surveillance system, which has already proven itself at several golf tournaments, Dallmeier again demonstrates its pioneering role and innovative strength. Golf buggies are "converted" into mobile surveillance units, equipped with a telescopic mast up to five meters high with four cameras on it. The buggy carries a mobile Dallmeier recorder (M-DMS 4) which, because of its small size, can easily be stored in a lockable box sitting on the passenger seat. A compact LCD monitor for easy configuration of the PTZ cameras, a power supply unit, a GPS transmitter, and a wireless network complete the equipment. The player registers with an automatic machine, which is connected to a recorder. Registration activates recording in the DVR, which saves an image of the player together with the ticket data.

The buggy is positioned on the fairway in a way that enables the cameras to see the complete hole from tee to green. Thanks to the recording of the game and the data stored beforehand, the panel of judges is able to determine exactly whether or not a player is eligible to receive the prize.

Dallmeier benefits from the BMW International Open

Christian Linthaler, Sales Manager at Dallmeier, who attended the tournament, was very satisfied. "We made a number of interesting new contacts at the BMW International Open. Many of the players who originally just wanted to see their own tee-off again were amazed by the Dallmeier technology".