Dallmeier launches new video management system

Dallmeier, a leading developer and manufacturer of digital CCTV solutions, will launch the VMC-1 "Eagle" (Video Management Centre), a Security Control Centre consisting of a keyboard, joystick, jog-shuttle and monitor at IFSEC 2008. As a result of user product research, the numerous outstanding features of the VMC-1 ensure the efficient operation of even complex video security systems without operator fatigue or loss of concentration.

James Walker, managing director of Dallmeier U.K. says "In recent years advances in security technology have focused almost exclusively on the technical capabilities of components or networks, not the practical yet complex operational requirements of modern systems."

the ergonomically designed VMC-1 makes it easier for security personnel to remain focused and work effectively. Major advantages include the ability to quickly find and analyze recorded footage (replay forward & backward at different speeds) via the jog-shuttle and control PTZ domes with the 3 axis joystick. Also, position plans, search functions and all other features of the management system can be displayed on the monitor.

The modular structure of the VMC-1 means that the individual components, whether it's the keypad, the joystick or the jog-shuttle, may be freely positioned and are equally accessible for both left- and right-handed operators. The individual components can also be used as individually programmable stand-alone devices. The VMC-1 is the first product of its kind to feature an interactive 6-inch LCD TFT monitor for the display of live pictures as well as recorded footage. The VMC-1 operates in conjunction with the SeMSy management system.