RISCO showcases new technology

RISCO Group, a leading provider of integrated security solutions, will be presenting its industry leading solutions at IFSEC. On exhibit will be the SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management Software, the ProSYS.FreeCom Security System with Dual-path communication, the new Agility 2-Way Flexible Wireless Solution, and a new Access Control Solution - The MaxiMate.

SynopSYS is a sophisticated software solution that enables remote site management and control via intuitive, drag & drop-based, synoptic maps. It is designed for easy project implementation by Systems Integrators and is ideal for commercial and public buildings, retail complexes and distributed organizations. The software is able to control intrusion, access control, video surveillance systems, view fire and safety systems, and also integrate with building control systems such as HVAC and elevators.

ProSYS FreeCom provides a complete end-to-end solution from the premises to the ARC. It is simple to install yet includes the flexibility and comprehensive set of features to suit any application. ProSYS FreeCom accessories include IP and GSM/GPRS communication modules, addressable Indoor, Outdoor and Industrial Grade 3 Bus Detectors that enable remote parameter setting and advanced diagnostics, G-Tag proximity set/unset solution from outside the premises, Integrated Access Control, Voice Module and Wireless Expansion.

In the wireless security segment, RISCO Group will launch at IFSEC its innovative 2-Way Flexible Wireless Solution - Agility, with 2–Way Wireless Keypad and Remote Control. Agility features plug-in communication units, allowing flexibility to select all or any of the IP, GSM/GPRS, and Fast PSTN communication methods. Agility's large range of accessories include; Security, Safety and Home Automation devices that enable different applications for different needs.

In the Access Control segment, RISCO Group will present its new Access Control system - the MaxiMate. MaxiMate is perfect for medium sized applications with up to 16 doors and 7800 users: the system can be installed using any cabling topology: bus (loop or star), IP or any combination of these, saving installation time and rewiring costs. It also allows a predefined set of event reports, global anti-passback / anti-timeback, Calendar per card for easy project setup, and secured access to information predefined by the individual user.