Next-Gen 360-Degree Video Company Raises Millions in Funding

RemoteReality Corp lands $7.3M to create system for real-time video analytics based on 360-degree recording

“To this superior imaging capability we add sensors and proprietary software that provide intelligent object tracking and analysis – while simultaneously managing bandwidth,” continues Dr. Ionson, whose 30-year career includes being head of research for Polaroid and has largely centered on imaging technologies, for which he has authored a number of patents. “The system can continually adjust, sending comprehensive and high-quality imaging data at speeds that adapt to a network’s bandwidth capacity.

“When the 360-degree cameras are integrated with high-resolution pan-tilt-zoom cameras, they can provide high-resolution interrogation of individual points of interest,” he explains. “Detection, alarm and tracking software can be added to fully automate the camera system, with alerts transmitted to security monitors, operators’ screens, PDAs and other devices when threats are detected in predefined alarm zones. The camera can zoom in on one point of interest while the whole area is still under total surveillance,” he says.

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