STANLEY Security

Stanley Security Solutions Launches New Camera Suite

Indianapolis, IN – December 5, 2006 –Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of integrated access control and security solutions, today announced the rollout of its new suite of Stanley Cameras, broadening its product portfolio. With this line of products, Stanley Security Solutions is offering an expansive selection of video-based solutions, which include surveillance cameras and LCD monitors for almost all applications.

Available in box and dome configurations for indoor and outdoor applications, Stanley Cameras provide out of the box simplicity, ease-of-use and feature an advanced set of capabilities that ensure optimal performance, correct contrast, true color reproduction as well as a clear picture. Stanley Cameras underwent six months of testing and benchmarking to insure an outstanding product before introduction.

Stanley Cameras also feature compact, aspherical geometry lenses that allow for fast f-stop, higher resolution and higher sensitivity. Stanley Lenses are fabricated from low-dispersion glass, which maintains depth of focus with infrared and visible light and minimize focus shift between day and night.

"Stanley Security Solutions used their world-class testing and expertise when designing and fabricating Stanley Cameras," said Jay Vaitkus, global product and market manager for Stanley Security Solutions. "After benchmarking 18 different camera models and 16 different lenses from leading manufacturers, we were able to focus our efforts on deciding the performance criteria to include in our cameras. The result is a top of the line security camera."

Stanley High-Resolution Box Cameras:

Available in a High-Resolution and High-Resolution Day/Night model, Stanley Box Cameras are designed for easy operability. Stanley Box Cameras feature an adjustable back focus that accepts standard CS and C mount lenses. A thumb wheel allows for easy adjustment of the back focus from the top or bottom of the camera. Both styles of camera automatically select between the DC and video drive auto iris lenses, feature automatic aperture correction and digital signal processing.

Stanley Box Cameras require no proprietary installation hardware as they feature a standard top or bottom mount. The 24 VAC or 12 VDC auto select function enables low power consumption. Both models feature a dual color light grey and beige housing that blends well with industrial and commercial interiors.

Stanley High-Resolution Cameras:

Stanley High-Resolution cameras use a DSP that allows for outstanding image quality even in low light conditions. A selectable Color/Monochrome Mode automatically enhances images in low light conditions. When connected to a digital video recorder it also reduces noise from the video signal and minimizes storage requirements.

High-Resolution Day/Night Cameras

Stanley high-resolution day/night cameras use a DSP that allows for outstanding image quality. The Color to Black and White switching function utilizes a Day/Night Mechanical IR Cut Filter. The selectable Day/Night Mechanical IR Filter has multiple settings including: automatic, fuzzy logic and external sensor. Additional features include:

- 0.6 Lux (color Mode)/ 0.34 Lux (B&W Mode) sensitivity

- Function adjustability via on screen display

- RS-482 Format Remote Control

- Password Protection

Stanley High-Resolution Vandal Proof Domes:

Available in a High-Resolution Vandal Proof Dome and High-Resolution Wide Dynamic Range Vandal Proof Dome model, Stanley High-Resolution Domes can be flush, recessed or wall mounted. Stanley Domes feature an innovative snap-chassis, allowing fast and precise 3-Axis configuration. The cameras are sealed against dust and water, complying with IP66 (NEMA-4) standards. Stanley Domes are made of long fiber composite that provides impact resistance at any temperature, enhanced mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and outstanding dimensional stability compared to traditional materials. Additionally, the products color scheme blends well in a variety of environments.

Stanley High-Resolution Vandal Proof Domes

Stanley High-Resolution Vandal Proof Domes feature a 540 TVL imager and fast f-stop lens that can capture images even in low light. A versatile varifocal lens allows for a wide range of standard, telephoto and low light applications. Additional features include:

- 3-9mm/F1.2 Varifocal DC IRIS Lens

- User configurable LL, BLC, Flicker-less, AGC

- Line Lock with Phase Adjustments

- Dual 12VDC / 24 VAC Auto Sensing Power

- High-Impact Housing and Dome

Stanley High-Resolution Wide Range Vandal Proof Domes

Stanley High-Resolution Wide Range Vandal Proof Domes improve image quality in areas where very dark or very bright lighting conditions exist, such as lobby interiors and entrance ways. The 504+ TVL imager and fast f-stop lens captures images even in low light and a versatile varifocal lens allows for a wide range of standard, telephoto and low light applications. Pixel by pixel shutter speed, White Balance and various Wide Dynamic Range functions are easily configured using a remote control. Additional features include:

- Wide Dynamic Range

- 3-9mm/F1.2 Varifocal DC IRIS Lens

- User configurable LL, BLC, Flicker-less, AGC

- Line Lock with Phase Adjustments

- Dual 12VDC / 24 VAC Auto Sensing Power

- High-Impact Housing and Dome

Stanley Indoor Domes:

Available in two different models for flexibility and extended installation options, Stanley Indoor Domes are available in a miniature 2" (07-200) model and a standard 3" (07-201) model. Both models featuring Backlight Compensation that automatically compensate for scenes with extreme contrast. The Automatic Gain Control function boosts signal strength to offset insufficient lighting and the Auto Electronic Shutter adjusts shutter speeds for changing lighting conditions.

The 2" version comes with a 2.97mm wide angle lens and the 3" model features a 4 to 9 mm varifocal lens. Both models come completely assembled for quick installation, can be wall or ceiling mounted and have only 2 connectors – power and video. The product color scheme blends well in a variety of environments. Additional features include:

- High resolution color: 480 TVL (3" version)

- Tool-free Mechanism

- Integrated solution for quick installation

- 12 VDC power input

- Diode power protection

Stanley Premium Flat-Panel Surveillance Monitors:

Designed specifically for surveillance systems, Stanley LCD Monitors feature customized firmware for input from security products. In addition to standard D-Sub, BNC and S-Video inputs, Stanley LCD Monitors feature a broad set of connection options that include Video Looping Out (BNC) and Audio Looping Out (RCA).

Stanley LCD Monitors feature a scratch-proof, shatter resistant reinforced glass screen that is de-interlaced, hardened up to 8H and reduces glare. Furthermore, Stanley LCD Monitors are housed in specialized metal enclosures that are not only durable but have outstanding cooling characteristics, making them ideal for long-term, continuous use.

Stanley LCD Monitors are available in 17" and 19" models that have high resolution (SXGA 1280 x 1024) and fast response time (8ms). Mounting options comply with VESA International standards, allowing for greater installations flexibility. In addition, EIA standard rack mount accessories are available. Additional features include:

- Power failure auto recovery

- Built-in stereo audio speakers

- 4:3 display ratio

- Overscan and underscan function

- Maximum contrast ratio of 500:1

- Easy-Access front panel controls

- User-Friendly English, Spanish and French programming menus