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Stanley Security Solutions Introduces Vantage Revolving Door System

Toronto, CAN – November 30, 2006 – Stanley Security Solutions, a provider of access control and integrated security solutions, introduced today a new evolutionary revolving door: the Vantage. This new revolving door, currently presented at the PM Expo/Construct Canada 2006 (Metro Toronto Convention Centre), adapts for use in a wide variety of applications to better answer industrial/commercial facility security needs, while optimizing the energy efficiency for these buildings.

"This door offers multiple functions for changing requirements throughout the day, week, month, etc," explains Jeff Fabian, sales director of CJRush Industries, a division of Stanley Security Solutions Canada. "All you need to do is choose the setting on the door for the required operation and it will conform to it, becoming a security door – one or two ways, an automatic door or a simple manual revolving door!"

"Recognized internationally as the pre-eminent Canadian Designer and manufacturer of custom architectural entrance systems, CJ Rush still maintains the highest standard of fabrication and finish that made its trusted reputation. "

"Today associated to Stanley Security Solutions Canada group, CJRush is working in synergy with Stanley Mechanical Access Solutions (Best locks, Precision exit devices, Stanley door closers and hinges), Stanley Access Technologies and Frisco Bay to offer comprehensive security systems allying reliability and excellence of service," concludes Fabian.

VANTAGE Revolving Door Technical Data


• Multi-functional control can be activated with either switches on the door, remote control, or from a remote location

• Concealed collapsing mechanism and speed control

• Door wings have emergency collapsing in either manual or automatic mode. In security mode, wings collapse only in case of fire if tied into the alarm.

• Doors are fully sensored for automatic door usage

• Bookfold wing position for emergency egress

• Conforms to ASTM E283 for air tightness

• Curved laminate glass wall enclosure (tempered option)

• Tempered glass door wings

• Factory assembled for fit and function prior to shipment

• Concealed fasteners

• One year warranty

Security Function:

• Anti-piggybacking (optional)

• Anti-tailgating

• Two way simultaneous traffic

• All type reader access capability

• Emergency fail safe feature

• Door wings collapse in case of emergency alarm

• Overhead sensing system

• Door can be set up from a remote location

• One way security, Free flow the other direction


• Three or Four wing configurations

• 8 ft. to 10 ft. diameters as required

VANTAGE Revolving Door Technical Data


• Special finishes available on request – painted, anodized or clad

• Medium or Wide door stiles and rails

• Canopy fascia fabricated to a wide variety of profiles and heights – minimum 12" standard

• Canopy lights

• Custom designed push bars or muntins

• Extended Warranties available

• Service contracts available

• Bullet resistant glass design optional

About CJ Rush Industries

C.J. Rush has been trusted for quality and craftsmanship since 1965. To best serve the growing needs of Canadian institutional and commercial industries for technological excellence and responsive service, CJ Rush product range includes revolving doors, automatic sliding doors, balanced doors, and swing doors.

About Stanley Security Solutions

Stanley Security Solutions, a business division of The Stanley Works, is a provider of access control and integrated security solutions for institutional, commercial and industrial businesses and organizations. With a strong emphasis on service, Stanley Security Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of security products, software and integrated systems directly to end user customers. Stanley Security Solutions is committed to extending its position as a leading comprehensive resource for a broad and extensive array of solutions that span the entire security spectrum.