Copper mines using active RFID for miner safety

ROCKVILLE, Md., Dec. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VUANCE, Ltd., a provider of innovative Radio Frequency Verification Solutions, including active RFID, electronic access control, credentialing and incident response management, today announced that its AAID Active RFID solutions are being implemented by Anglo America's Chilean copper mines to increase safety and productivity.

Earlier this year, a four-month pilot program was launched at Anglo America's El Soldado site in central Chile to provide real-time location information concerning miners inside tunnels. It focused on identifying miners both after normal shift changes and when blasting or emergencies make evacuation necessary to assure workers safety. As part of the program, an anti-collision system also was tested where a flashing light and buzzer warned front-loader operators that people or minor vehicles were within a 65 foot proximity radius safety-zone. Because VUANCE's AAID active tags have long read-ranges, workers did not have to get out of their vehicles to identify themselves, a process which normally causes delays. Further by relying on the accuracy of tag-reading as people enter the working area, rather than the traditional system of having people check in using a card identification system, the site was able to reduce the rate of check-in errors.

VUANCE's local system integrator business partner, RFID Chile is helping Anglo America with this project. After conducting the pilot and reviewing the positive results, Anglo America decided to incorporate the added safety, productivity and other benefits generated by having a constant inflow of data from Active RFID tags and readers. RFID Chile installing the solutions at other Chilean mines.

"VUANCE works through business partner system integrators to enable users like Anglo American to integrate our technology into their workplaces," stated Eyal Tuchman, Chief Executive Officer of VUANCE, Ltd. "We're proud of the work done by RFID Chile to enable Anglo America's mines to use AAID's innovative Active RFID solutions and provide the mine workers with improved safety and productivity."