PIVCheck receives Lenel factory certification

Codebench, a member of the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program, has received Lenel factory certification for its PIVCheck Product Suite, a cardholder validation solution for HSPD-12 compliance with automated OnGuard registration and certificate management.

Certified with OnGuard 2006 (5.12.110) and OnGuard 2008 (6.0.148), PIVCheck Plus provides strong, three-factor authentication and performs on-card biometric matching. Managing the acquisition of cardholder data from a PIV, TWIC, NG CAC, or FRAC card, PIVCheck Plus performs seamless, automated registration into OnGuard, and does not require a third-party identity or credential management system.

PIVCheck uses FIPS-201 challenge-response in order to identify forged or cloned cards. Digital certificates may be verified using the issuer's validation authority, OCSP responder or repeater. TWIC card FASC-Ns are also verified against a live or cached TSA Hot List.

PIVCheck’s Certificate Manager, a PC-based application that re-validates imported cardholder certificates on a periodic basis, can be configured to suspend any badge associated with a revoked certificate. Certificate Manager operates in either active or passive mode. Active mode automatically suspends the badge, while passive mode provides notification to site security management.

Using PIVCheck Plus to update an OnGuard cardholder record with information harvested from a TWIC, PIV, NG CAC or FRAC credential, end-users may continue to utilize their already issued badges for access, while their PIV, TWIC, NG CAC or FRAC certificates are constantly re-checked for revocation. If PIVCheck’s Certificate Manager finds a revoked certificate, the cardholder’s badges can be automatically suspended. This important feature leverages the already existing access control infrastructure and supports it with certificate management.

"PIVCheck’s integration with Lenel’s OnGuard will help end users quickly and efficiently comply with HSPD-12 and the TWIC program," said Geri Castaldo, CEO of Codebench. "Our PIVCheck product suite gives OnGuard facility operators the flexibility to continue using their current access cards and readers, or to migrate to PIV-enabled cards and readers over time."

"Codebench has completed required factory testing at Lenel to validate the functionality of its interface to OnGuard. We look forward to their continued involvement in the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program," said Raffaele Ceravolo, director of strategic alliances for Lenel.

PIVCheck is available in mobile and desktop versions. In developing PIVCheck Mobile, Codebench partnered with Datastrip Inc., a world-leading provider of field-proven mobile identification and verification technology. Datastrip’s DSV2+TURBO® handheld biometric terminal operates with commercial off-the-shelf FIPS 201 PIV-II and ANSI INCITS 378- compliant fingerprint capture devices.