Extreme CCTV Lands First REG License Plate Capture Sale in India

Vancouver, British Columbia – December 2006 – Extreme CCTV International Inc, a division of Extreme CCTV Inc. (TSX:EXC), the global leader in the design, development and manufacture of active-infrared night vision surveillance equipment, announces its first sales of REG license plate capture cameras into India.

The project required a specially-engineered model of REG that was designed to address the nuances of Indian license plates. The first sales into India represents an important milestone for REG outside its traditional markets in North America and Europe, where demand for effective, reliable license plate capture has grown rapidly.

REG was engineered for absolute performance to capture license plates under seemingly impossible conditions. A US Patented product, REG incorporates new advances in active-infrared, optics and Ambient Rejection technology to deliver high-contrast license plate images under any lighting condition and at speeds up to 120mph. Established as the de facto standard for performance, REG is currently in use in large-scale projects in London, Stockholm and at numerous sites across United States.

"We are working to repeat the North American and European sales success of REG in emerging geographical markets in Asia," says Wendy Li, Asia Business Development Manager, from the Asia office of Extreme CCTV. "REG has become a global standard of performance for license plate capture and the recent sales in India will help to solidify that position."