NIJ Awards Fingerprint Research Grant to International Biometric Group

NEW YORK, June 7 -- The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has awarded International Biometric Group (IBG) a $461,495 research grant to study the use of Level III fingerprint features for automated identification.

IBG, along with teaming partners Aprilis, Inc. and the Crime Scene Services Section of the Massachusetts State Police, are processing and evaluating card-based and live-scanned fingerprint data at resolutions from 500dpi to 4000dpi. A central research objective is to determine how Level III features from high-resolution fingerprint images can be used to improve automated fingerprint identification system performance.

IBG is a leader in advanced biometric research and systems development. "We look forward to sharing results of our research with the justice community," said Raj Nanavati, Partner at IBG. "Level III fingerprint technology has the potential to assist law enforcement on projects such as Next Generation IAFIS."