SpectorSoft Announces the Release of Spector 360 Network Surveillance Software

Spectorsoft, an Inc. 500 company and worldwide leader in Internet Monitoring and Surveillance Software, has begun shipment of Spector 360, the company's most advanced product for businesses.

"For the first time ever, companies now have the ability to analyze in complete detail what their employees are doing on the Internet and they can view multiple employees' Internet activities, side-by-side, at the same time, comparing performance, efficiency, inappropriate conduct, who spends the most time surfing, who sends the most emails with attachments, who works the least, who takes the most breaks, what employees are searching for on the Internet and much more" states C. Douglas Fowler, president of Spectorsoft.

More than 50 reports and charts are built into Spector 360, and the product offers the ability to easily to customize thousands of reports that can automatically be sent to managers desktops.

At its most simple level, Spector 360 records each employees emails, chats and instant messages, web sites visited, keystrokes typed, files transferred and printed, and network activity. In addition, Spector 360 continually takes snapshots of the computer screen so that there is a visual record of what the employee is doing on the computer, much like a surveillance tape.

Spector 360 then takes all of these recordings and feeds them into a central database and provides an easy-to-use interface that allows managers to ask almost any question about any employee, group or department, such as:

  • Which employees are spending the most time surfing the Internet?
  • Which employees are chatting the most?
  • Who is sending the most emails with attachments?
  • Who is sending files to USB drives?
  • What are my employees searching for on the Internet?
  • Who is typing the most keystrokes?
  • Who is downloading music and other large files?
  • Who is taking the longest breaks?
  • Who is leaving work early?

Beyond reporting, Spector 360 includes user-level investigative tools, so that if a problem is detected in a report or chart or if an employer suspects a specific employee of abuse, the manager can review every detail of computer and Internet activity to gather the evidence needed with Spector 360. The level of detail is so precise that an employer can see what an employee does each and every second.

With high-level reports and charts that help quickly identify those employees who are most likely engaging in activities that are harmful, the employer is able to focus any detailed investigations on those specific individuals, and be assured that Spector 360 will provide all the details needed to conduct the most thorough analysis possible.

Spectorsoft products are used by businesses primarily to uncover Internet abuse, regain lost productivity, eliminate leaking of confidential information and reduce other inappropriate activities by their employees that expose companies to financial, legal and other preventable risks.

As a simple example, finding just one employee who spends an hour a day surfing non-work-related web sites and reducing that to just a few minutes a day can save a company more than 200 hours a year in lost productivity. Multiply that by 10 employees and a very small company gains back 2000 hours in one year, or more than $40,000 in lost productivity. A 50 person company gains back $200,000 in lost productivity.

More than 10,000 companies currently use SpectorSoft solutions to crackdown on Internet abuse within their organization, and SpectorSoft has been selected for two consecutive years by Inc. Magazine as one of the Fastest 500 Growing Private Companies in America.

A 50 client license for Spector 360 is $1,995. For additional information please visit the Spector 360 website at www.spector360.com.