Children's Hospital of Orange County Implements HIPAA, Network Security Solution

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. -- High Tower (, a provider of advanced security event management solutions, today announced that Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), one of the nation's leading pediatric healthcare facilities, has selected the High Tower SEM 3210 for security event management.

CHOC's IT infrastructure must meet particularly stringent security standards, in part due to HIPAA requirements. Hospital IT staffers must carefully monitor security logs to identify and prevent reasonably foreseeable errors and threats resulting from malicious or criminal acts. This also includes monitoring for unauthorized instant messaging, worms and viruses, and other automated attacks or policy violations.

In choosing High Tower's SEM 3210, CHOC personnel were attracted to its easy-to-deploy architecture, intuitive user interface, and superior processing and analytic capabilities. The SEM 3210, they say, has dramatically boosted their ability to monitor and manage data as part of their information security efforts, easing their workload even as it helps them elevate the role of sound business process management in day-to-day security operations. "This product is superior to anything else out there," said Kevin Le, the hospital's information security administrator. "It's made my job easier and allowed me to be more effective at what I do."

Before purchasing the SEM 3210, Children's Hospital staffers struggled to analyze the hospital's expanding security log files, working nightly with cumbersome spreadsheets to detect vulnerabilities. The hospital's 500 physicians and 1800 employees -- who use the network around the clock -- were generating ever-growing volumes of security data. CHOC's IT department could not analyze the data in real time, making it all but impossible to address incidents as they happened, and posing a major security concern.

Hospital IT staffers were impressed by several features of the SEM 3210, including its exclusive MetaRules(TM), allowing administrators to correlate and analyze threats in real time; its one terabyte of storage, which allowed the hospital to keep logs for up to a year; its sophisticated graphical user interface; and its price point, which was substantially lower than competing products.

Since purchasing the SEM 3210, IT staffers have substantially improved their ability to address security threats. Children's Hospital can now monitor network devices including switches, routers, and firewalls in real time across the health system's multiple campuses. And the SEM 3210's easy to use reports make it quick and simple to stay on top of potentially adverse events. "What previously took hours and hours can now be done in a few minutes," Le says.

Children's Hospital staffers are confident that the SEM 3210 will scale as network traffic grows. With the capacity to monitor 12,000 correlated events per second, the SEM 3210 is powerful enough to meet future demands. "There's no concern we'll need to swap it out in the future," said Mark Headland, chief information officer.

Children's Hospital's Le says he would recommend the SEM 3210 to any of his peers for whom regulatory compliance is a key concern, including those in financial services firms or publicly-traded companies. "When I go home, I have peace of mind I didn't have before," he says. "I know that High Tower is watching my network for me."

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