VidSys Launches New Version of VidShield

ALEXANDRIA, VA and MARLBOROUGH, MA - December 11, 2006 - VidSys, the leading operations center software company for security, safety, military and transportation organizations, today announced the release of VidShieldT 3.7, a new version of the company's flagship product. The latest release includes the added functionality of three new features that improve an organization's ability to respond to security events: Video Wall Wizard, Video Analytics Trigger and Network Video Recorder Manager.

"Operations centers are most effective when they have the tools to easily digest and analyze the wealth of data that flows in from the various physical security and video surveillance technologies installed on the network," said VidSys CEO Chuck Teubner. "Committed to making this as easy as possible, we've added these enhancements to VidShield in order to further extend the ability with which operations center personnel can manage security events."

VidShield is the company's operations center management platform that enables organizations to deploy an entire network of physical and virtual security and surveillance technologies and integrate them into a single seamless management platform. It enables operations personnel to focus on the management of and response to a situation or event, rather than the underlying disparate systems and technology.

Enhancements to VidShield 3.7 include:

- Video Wall Wizard: The Video Wall Wizard provides scenario wall management, allowing operations center personnel to change the configuration of videos on the operations center video wall. It also offers integrated alarm and alerting capabilities, such as highlighting or launching a specific camera into a specific display window to focus on a developing event. The characteristics of the window such as border colors, text messaging, positioning, size and other alerting features can be enabled or disabled manually from the VidShield client or from a pre-defined system trigger. Additionally, the Wall Wizard provides the ability to move content from a directory on the VidShield client to the operations center video wall.

- Video Analytics Trigger: This addition provides the ability for an alarm to be sent when a specific "behavior" is detected on the screen based on a predefined setting or behavior, prompting operations center personnel to take action. Behaviors could include unattended objects, loitering, removed objects and a variety of motion-related settings. The feature also detects human tailgating which tracks unauthorized entry by evaluating how many people go through a given access point. VidShield logs all alerts sent from the video analytics solution to include source, alert type, time/date, content URL, GPS coordinates and any other pertinent information.

- Network Video Switching & Recorder Manager: This functionality controls real-time switching of digital video. Combined with the Video Analytics Trigger, it lets organizations automate the correlation of external triggers to video sources providing for quicker responses to events.

A large metropolitan subway system on the East Coast will be the first organization to leverage these enhancements.

VidShield 3.7 Integrates Technology from VidSys Interoperability Partner (VIP) Program Vendors

Barco, a leading developer of display and visualization solutions, and Steelbox Networks, Inc., a developer of video switching software and equipment, are two of the first VIPs working with VidSys to provide customers with the flexibility to select products from any vendor within the program and seamlessly integrate all of the technologies through the open architecture of VidShield. Barco is taking advantage of the Video Wall Wizard offered in VidShield 3.7, which will provide its customers the ability to manage their Barco scenario walls directly through the VidShield client. The SteelBox Digital Matrix Storage Switch (DMSS) features instantaneous switching between live and recorded video on any media stream without interrupting recording.

"It's a powerful forensic tool that lets operations center personnel review recorded events in real time," said SteelBox CEO Richard Howes. "This is a real advancement in threat monitoring and deterrence."

VidShield 3.7 will be generally available this month. For more information please visit: