GeoVision Releases Version 8.1 of Surveillance Software

New version adds higher screen resolutions, face detection retrieval, password expiration management, and more

GeoVision's video surveillance software version 8.1 provides a collection of innovative features and supports forwarding hardware for high-end surveillance solutions. This topic is intended as a quick reference to new features and new hardware in this release.

Features include but not limited to object index by face detection, higher resolutions for widescreen monitors, touch screen support, and password expiration management. Also included are applications for visual automation, virtual I/O control, POS live view via WebCam, and mobile server support for Webcam. New hardware devices include: GV-Video Server, the IP surveillance solution; GV-2004/2008, the hardware compression video capture card; GV-Multi Quad, spot monitor TV output card; GV-Wiegand Capture, the photo ID access control; and GV-Data Capture V3E, the POS data capture with internet connection and parallel port.


- Higher Screen Resolutions: The GV-System supports three options for higher screen resolution of 1920 x 1200, 1680 x 1050 and 1600 x 1200.

- Face Detection for Object Index: Face Detection is a new feature that captures human faces for fast video retrieval. It is used to identify human faces and record them as object index. It can handle a complex background and ignore any other body segment, objects, or background images.

- Visual Automation: Visual Automation can be used to operate electronic appliances by triggering the output device. This means that you can control an appliance (e.g. lights On/Off) by simply clicking its image on the monitor.

- Password Expiration Management: Password expiration management provides better security practices in surveillance system. System administrators can set expiration or disable a user's account. Features also include password edit, account edit and more.

- Virtual I/O Control: Virtual l/O control feature allows the GV-DVR System to control the I/O devices that are connected with GV-Video Server and GV-Wiegand Capture. The virtual I/O has two types of control methods – via GUI control panel and a direction icon on the image. These devices can be controlled by using the control panel, or by a simple click on the direction icon displayed on the live view image. - Advanced Motion Detection: Advanced Motion Detection allows multiple sensitivities setup within multiple regions. It is suitable for large-scale security monitoring and recording.

- Timeline Search: Timeline search enables users to locate a specific video recorded on a time frame via an easy-to-browse graphical tool. Timelines can display minutes and seconds, search and playback videos.

- POS Live View on WebCam via IE Browser: The WebCam server provided by GeoVision now supports POS live view via internet browser. The Webcam is a special remote monitoring application that allows live monitoring, video playback, PTZ and I/O control, camera zoom in and out, and system configuration via internet browser. In version 8.1, you can view live video with POS transaction data overlay. If a transaction is suspicious, you can playback the related video instantly to check the transaction or cardholder's information.

- Touch Screen Support: Touch Screen Support in the playback application ViewLog provides a touch screen panel to be used as an input device. You can point a finger on the touch screen panel to change screen divisions, switch to full screen and close the ViewLog screen.

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