IntelaSight Brings Real-Time Video Surveillance to Remote Areas

Mesa, AZ - IntelaSight introduced a self-contained camera surveillance system at 2007 CONEX Arizona, a construction show, being held at the Phoenix Convention Center, December 6 and 7. The system is designed to extend IntelaSight's real-time video surveillance in remote areas where electricity or high-speed Internet connection are not available.

IntelaSight designed a completely battery and solar powered system with a built-in day and night, high-resolution network camera. The system is completely self-powered for continuous operation without the need for electricity.

The camera system was developed for security surveillance of remote facilities without connectivity or widely dispersed properties such as construction sites, border patrol, plantations, port authorities, and utility/electrical facilities.

In order to complete the solution of real-time video surveillance, IntelaSight partnered with IP Access International (IPA), the leading provider of satellite connectivity for Internet, voice, and data to enterprises worldwide.

Using IPA's 1.2 meter-satellite dish, which is both a receiver and transmitter with speeds comparable to a T1 and beyond, it is capable of continuous high-bandwidth data streams. This allows IntelaSight an effective real-time video monitoring.

"IP Access International is always looking to leverage the satellite infrastructure we have built by partnering with innovative companies and we are thrilled to be partnering with IntelaSight" says Bryan Hill, President of IPA. "By integrating these key technologies the IPA/IntelaSight partnership will serve a market that until now was unable to receive real-time video with such a high resolution. It will truly give customers a cost effective way to monitor their remote locations."

With IntelaSight's new self-contained camera system and availability of IP satellite, IntelaSight can now remotely monitor security cameras in real-time for their customers, anywhere without geographical boundaries. The system is also suitable for other wireless Internet connectivity such as Wi-Fi.

"We continuously strive to bring our unique security solution of real-time video surveillance to every industry by developing new solutions and forming alliances with technology leaders. This new solution extends our services to many industries, in need of a proactive security solution and real-time operational efficiencies" said David Ly, President and CEO of IntelaSight.

IntelaSight, Inc. specializes in providing integrated security services using a combination of network cameras, real-time Internet-based surveillance, and highly trained intervention specialists. IntelaSight's goal has been to transform the staid security/surveillance field into a state-of-the-art, technology-driven industry by offering a unique security solution of real-time IP surveillance. IntelaSight is based in Mesa, AZ. For more information, call 800 385-8616 or visit